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KIPPING`s SpamDeleter 1.0

KIPPING`s SpamDeleter 1.0: The program cleans up POP3-mailboxes from unwanted emails - especially from Spam Deleter is a little program to cleanup Email-Mailboxes from unwanted messages. Through a huge number of predefined filters SpamDeleter recognizes the type of the message. Unwanted mails will be deleted automatically from the mailbox. The user may also add, change or delete any filter to match the program his personal needs. The number of mailboxes is not limited - so several mailboxes can be connected same time. Using SpamDeleter is very simple.

ArchiveUsers 1.0.1: Dealing with users leaving the organization
ArchiveUsers 1.0.1

mailboxes. You want to remove user objects with their important information (AD attributes, home directory and mailbox) according to company policies. Features * Access permission to copy and remove the home directory or mailbox can automatically be granted. * Archiving of all relevant user information (Active Directory Attributes) * Archiving of users` home directory * Archiving of users` mailbox * Compress and store all archived data on a remote

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Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard -  1.0: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard repairs damaged/corrupted Outlook Express files
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard - 1.0

Mailbox Standard software is a great Outlook Express Recovery tool that repairs Outlook Express email folder if they are damaged or corrupted. Mailbox Recovery Software scans extracts and saves e-mails from .mbx and .dbx files in which Microsoft Outlook Express stores messages and folders on the local drive. You can recover emails deleted intentionally or unintentionally from "Deleted Items" folder. The software recovers corrupted and deleted email

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Delete Duplicate Music 4.91: Delete Duplicate Music - Delete duplicate music, Delete duplicate music files
Delete Duplicate Music 4.91

Delete Duplicate Music: How to Delete duplicate music? Want to Delete duplicate music files? Delete duplicate music - easily with Duplicate Music Remover. Delete duplicate music and delete duplicate music files, delete duplicate songs and delete duplicate MP3 files - all is possible. Want to remove duplicate music and delete duplicate music files? Find duplicate music and delete duplicate music easily - Download duplicate remover right now!

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Delete Duplicate 8.39: Delete Duplicate: Delete Duplicate Files, Delete Duplicate Music and Photos Now!
Delete Duplicate 8.39

Delete Duplicates. Automatically delete duplicate files, delete duplicate photos and delete duplicate pictures with automatic software for duplicate deleting. How to delete duplicate music, delete duplicate Mp3 songs and delete duplicate songs? What is the best way to delete duplicate photo files and delete duplicate pictures, delete duplicate images and automatically delete duplicate photo files? How can I delete duplicate songs and easily delete

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Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93: Delete Duplicate Songs-How to Delete duplicate songs, Delete Duplicate MP3 Songs
Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93

Delete Duplicate Songs - How to Delete duplicate songs? Find and delete duplicate songs on computer, delete duplicate songs on Windows media player and delete duplicate songs automatically with duplicate song deleting software. How to delete duplicate songs, how to delete song files from computer and how to delete duplicate songs in music folder? Delete duplicate songs - Download software to delete duplicate songs at !

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How to Delete Duplicate Songs 7.19: How to Delete Duplicate Songs, How to Delete duplicate songs in Media Player
How to Delete Duplicate Songs 7.19

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? How to delete duplicate songs on my computer, how to delete duplicate songs in a folder and how to delete duplicate songs in Windows media player? Delete duplicate songs in media player with the best software to delete duplicate songs. Now you know how to delete duplicate songs from a folder and how to delete repeated songs. Delete duplicate songs - Download the best software at !

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